ice cream

In our tiny ‘factory’ in the middle of the Dalsland forest we collect ingredients from our organic garden and the surrounding meadows and forests to make KRAV organic ice cream and Ekopops.

We count ourselves very lucky to have customers such as:

Gunnebo Slott, DaMatteo, Fotografiska, Moderna Museet, Yasuragi, Kosters Trägårdar, Pilane Sculpturpark, Gamla Orangeriet I Bergianiska Trädgård, hornudden Stangnäs, Vandalorum, Solsidan Dalarö, Holmshage Abbekås, Loshult Skåne, Garveriet i Floda, Fram Ekolivs, Not Quite och Brukets godaste, Fengerfors mm.

2021 Smaker

Cremefraiche och hallon- We make our own Cremefraiche from eko cream, left to ferment overnight in our little dairy. Raspberry sauce made from our own raspberries , ‘Lloyd George’ is our favourite variety.

Strawberry Milkshake – Incredibly thick creamy consistency due the pectin in the strawberries. Over 30% of delicious Krav organic strawberries. 


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