glass och ekopops

In our tiny ‘factory’ in the middle of the Dalsland forest we collect ingredients from our organic Krav garden and the surrounding meadows and forests to make KRAV organic ice cream and Ekopops. We love interesting flavours using Swedish berries and fruits.

All our ice cream is made using eko Krav organic milk, cream, eggs, sugar. It is completely handmade so no added air to increase the volume. Also important to note that we never use any nuts or soya related products.

2023 Smaker


Cremefraiche och Hallon– We make our own Cremefraiche from eko cream, left to ferment overnight in our little dairy. Raspberry sauce made from our own raspberries , ‘Lloyd George’ is our favourite variety.

Strawberry Milkshake – Incredibly thick creamy consistency due the enormous amount of  delicious Krav organic strawberries. 

Chokladfudge – Fruity fudge like chocolate ice cream made with Malmö Chokladfabrik dark 70% chocolate, Eko and fairtrade of course!

Creamy Berries – A thick crazy purple creamy ice cream made from black currants, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. We,ve tried to mix it so that all the different flavours shine through. We use the whole berries to give a great consistency from all the pectin.

Rostad Rabarber – Vegan. We,ve grown, weeded, watered, picked and roasted our rhubarb to make fruit heavy vegan sorbet. We add orange juice and star anis to make the flavour a little more complex.

EKOPOPS Our Ekopop pinnglass are handmade using on average 45% whole fruit, sugar, water. They are deeply refreshing on a baking hot Swedish summer day. All are vegan. Krav Eko 80ml.

Jordgubbe o Fläder – Made from home made Fläderblom saft and strawberries.

Sommarbär – Blackcurrants, raspberries, strawberries and whole red currants that we have  conscientiously picked from our hundred year old red currant bushes in our garden.

Rabarber, ros o kardemumma – Three flavours that work so well together. We like to think its a little bit English, Swedish and Persian.

Chokladtryffel – Vegan. Frozen intense velvety choklad. Fairtrade Eko chocolate from Malmö Chokladfabrik and fairtrade Eko Krav cocoa with coconut milk.

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